Lent 2012

Today was the first day for our week-long celebration of the Lenten season, Maundy Thursday.

In the Philippines, Catholicism is like a requirement for many. It is the religion of the many, yet sadly, it is only abundant in numbers and not in faithful believers. Most of the people I know has somehow turned themselves into much “higher forms of beliefs”, detouring away from the mundane and traditional teachings of the Catholic church.

Every Lenten season, my family and I spend tedious hours in the church attending activities which would heighten our spiritual development and bring us closer to God. With all honesty, I’m getting tired of doing this annually, because I don’t really think it helps anyone to develop spiritually, mentally, emotionally or whatever else —allies there are. It just makes my siblings and I all pissy.  Some of my friends say that our relationship with God is a personal and unique one, it is not something that which can be encapsulated by the collective and be taught in a specific religion.

I somehow agree with them about this “new theological knowledge / experience” or whatever mumbo jumbo you wish to name it. I don’t really think there is an actual term for it, but I’d rather quote it as that way. And the way that these people see faith and religion has somehow shed new light for me, it has also brought my attention about the hypocrisy of the Catholic religion itself, well at least in the case of the Philippines.

Anyways, enough with this. It’s not like I’m actually a blogger who posts my ideas and opinions about these serious matters. All I know is that, I know there’s so much more than this.


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