A few more days and the academic year will once again begin. I’m in my fourth year and I’d be more lonely than the usual, since my friends will have already graduated by the time that classes begin. I guess I could use the lone time. Maybe it’s a good thing for me to reevaluate things in my life and discover more about myself. I have also somehow lost myself during the past two years that we’ve been together and most definitely, I’ve lost a sense of having or creating my own decisions. I am now once again able to make ir/rational decisions without hurting or blaming you.

I really am much happier right now. I hope you are too.

Maybe, I think I’m happy because I’m preoccupied with things and has forgotten that I’m alone once more. But whatever. Content/ment, might be the proper word that would explain my true feelings in the current situation.

This post doesn’t even make sense. 


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