Like predators they roam.

The past few days have been crazy. Like living in a jungle, or in an African safari where all the animals walk freely. In the place where I live, it is filled with vicious creatures better yet call them predators. They chase after me as if I were a prized meat. I am still vulnerable yet I choose to entertain these beasts for the kill. For my own death.

At times, I try to sneak past by them because I know in myself that I am still not ready to die. But more often than not, I live to enjoy the chase. The thrill and excitement becomes more apparent as the chase forces my blood to rush quickly through my veins, letting me know that I am still wanted. Letting me become aware that I still have some value left in me. Even though I am only skin and bones. And has no more love left to give.

I’m still uncertain whether I am ready to sacrifice and surrender myself to these meat eaters. I’ll have to weigh the odds and reassess my emotions before completely surrendering to one of them. But for the mean time, I’ll try to enjoy the chase first.


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