Can I just say that I am pleased with myself for becoming adventurous last weekend?

I’m so happy that I am able to do a couple of firsts alongside Jeffrey. And I’m happy that both our weekends were fruitful and just amazing. 🙂

Breakfast at Dunkin Cafe, wasted time at Timezone, lunch date with his sister at Teriyaki Boy, movie date with him, evening stroll along the bay side of MoA, mimes mocking us as we passed by them (we were holding hands), so proud to be able to kiss him in front of a lot of people just so mimes would stop mimicking us, heart to heart talk at the ends of the bay side, random fireworks out of nowhere, romantic hugs and kisses the whole time, holding hands wherever we go, spontaneous Fete de la Musique trip, met his online friends, walking til our feet ached, reaching Guadalupe, riding an un-airconditioned bus going home, him falling asleep on my shoulders, re-heating food for the two of us just like how a lazy old couple does it, him sleeping over at my house, him meeting my family for the second time, taking lots of naps beside him, and most of all, being with him the whole journey.

I feel liberated, blessed, and undeserving of this. But most especially, I am grateful for him and to the Lord.


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