Curiosity killed the cat…

…on the inside.

Maybe it’s true that curiosity for some things should never occur at all. That we should only leave things as they as. “Come as you are” nga ani ng sikat na bandang Nirvana. But there are usually times where your curiosity takes over your rationality or that little voice inside your head that tells you not to open and take a peep into Pandora’s box. Even a peep that lasts only for a millisecond can lead to disappointment, more anxiety, paranoia, and self-loathing.

One should never really thoroughly investigate on someone’s past cause it’s just painful to see those things this person has done. I don’t know how gays have lived their lives doing all of these crazy things. And I don’t know which cave I’ve hidden into seclusion not to know or not to even think of doing these things they’ve done.

I was pure, innocent, and as white as snow.

Walang bahid ng dumi. Walang tinatago. Walang ginawang kalokohan sa buhay.

Ang tanong, anung nangyari sa kabaklaan ko?


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