Who cares

It’s been a while since I last updated my WordPress account. All the usual drama has seem to have faded. But once again, I was wrong. Every single emotion came into the open, born in reality like a dynamite scheduled for an imminent explosion of madness awaiting its victims.

I pretended to be alright, you gave me indifference, I went berserk.

I waited, lost my patience, regained patience, you screamed at me thinking I was too impatient even if I all I did was extend it some more, then you leading me to crying once again.

I sat there beside you, your eyes stray again, I went berserk it was all jealousies fault, then you tell me I’m absurd.

Are my emotions irrational when you yourself trigger these things? You keep so much things from me, and you tell me that you are very much comfortable not sharing things to me, and yet you wonder so much why I end up over-thinking even the smallest of things. We need transparency. This isn’t going to work if we’d continue living like this. I need you to open up to me, to show me your vulnerable side, to show me that I’m not just another cum dump.


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