So this week I was able to ask out two guys on a date. This is such a huge thing for me because I’ve never asked anyone on a date before. I’m not as aggressive as you think. But before you judge me, let me just tell you that I only asked these two guys on a date because it was part of a skit for our room-to-room promotion of our organization. The first guy knew that I was going to ask him out, and that it was all part of the plan. His classmates were really dissappointed when they found out that it wasn’t real. HAHAHA. The second guy however, didn’t know I was going to ask him out. He totally didn’t know what to do, since he knew that I had a boyfriend. But long story short, as I apologized to him 5 minutes ago, he told me he was about to say yes to my request when my other friends decided to carry on with the song for the promotion. Hahaha. I guess I have this unique charm to gay guys. :)))


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