Oh god no.

He calls them “cool kids”. And he idolizes them. What’s so cool about those people anyways? Yeah sure, they do have a great taste in music, art, and fashion. But they haven’t really done shit in this world that makes them worthy to be stereotyped as “cool kids.”

Heck, I only see them as a bunch of scenesters or poseurs even. Acting like they know shit, when in actuality they’re all phonies. What pretentious little cunts.

And seriously, you referring to them as “cool kids” every single time you talk about them? That makes you look more pathetic. And you wanting to be part of their circle? You forcing me to visit with you places that these people frequent in just so you could be friends with them? That is pathetic. Ewan. You just seem to be a bit too trying hard already. Tsk. Ano ba meron kung may kulay buhok nila? Ano ba meron kung magagara damit nila? Ano ba meron kung pumupunta sila sa Cubao X, Collective and shit? Does that make them become “cool kids” just cause they do those things?

The shallowness of it all. Hay.
Seems like a bad re-run of a high school drama.
I’m dissing you again because you sound pitiful already. Nakakahiya.
Fucking scenesters.


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